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but never dared asking.

Your Solution, right now.

SmileBridge meets the needs of communication and exchange of information between dentists and dental technicians who work on the same cases but from physically distant locations. By means of an application based on a specifically designed cloud platform, SmileBridge allows you to share any prosthetic case between your dental practice and your partner dental laboratory.


It will allow you to share real-time images, video and data related to your prosthetic case. You’ll be even able to exchange incidental information through a WhatsApp-style chat, as well as sharing an interactive calendar of work and deadlines.


All essential information will be available in SmileBridge, on schedule and with the quality expected by both you and your patient, organized in line with the operational needs of both the actors, dentist and dental technician, and accompanied by all essential information to outline your cases. SmileBridge is thought of as the single point of collection and access to what is necessary for the dental laboratory for a correct and fast design, implementation and delivery of the prosthesis.

SmileBridge's amazing features

Easy to use

Because if you had wanted to be a software engineer you wouldn't have

taken a medical degree. Smilebridge was designed to be immediately

usable by a novice user, and even if you’ve always been reluctant to using applications.

The number of functions is reduced to the essentials, without being overly simplistic. After a few minutes you'll feel like you have always used it,

and you'll wonder how you ever been able to work without it, so far.



Don’t take our word for it!

Managing your cases and sharing them with your partner lab is easy and fun.

Click on this video and see how easy it is to define your case, add pictures and share information and ideas with your lab.

smilebridge, easy to use

All your cases at hand


Every time you make or edit a prescription, shoot a picture to the patient’s mouth or set a tooth’s color indication your partner lab gets a notification, and opening the case he or she can see exactly the same things you see on your screen.

Let’s chat about it


Forget erratic emails, phone calls, faxes and the like. Chat with your lab about the case at hand, share pictures and ideas right away. Fast, easy and safe communication.

Perfect prescriptions


No more doubts or misunderstanding about your prescriptions. Your lab gets precise information about materials, restorations and color shades.

What and when


Keep your agenda clean by sharing with your partner lab all your case’s working phases and appointments, with dates and notes. You’ll never miss an appointment anymore.

Pictures and more


You can shot pictures or videos to your patient’s mouth with your camera, your smartphone or tablet, edit them by adding annotations and share them with your partner lab, right away.

How is it going?


Stop guessing. Get all the info you need about your cases, check your results and your timing.


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smilebridge, easy to use
smilebridge, easy to use
smilebridge, easy to use