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SmileBridge is an open platform, aimed at dentists and dental labs who want to improve their workflow by filling the communication gap that plagued their daily work so far.

To achieve this goal we have created a cross-platform app, but we understand that such a solution can somehow overlap with existing dental practice or lab management software, causing unnecessary duplication of data and tasks.

That’s why we warmly welcome any attempt to integrate third-party management solutions into our online platform.

If you’re the developer of a Dentist practice management software or produce software for dental labs, we’ve got news for you: we’re not competitors at all, we can be partners with a common interest.

We want your success as much as we pursue ours.


smilebridge, developers

Integrating SmileBridge into your software solutions is plain simple.

All you have to do is to subscribe our Free Plan and call the functions exposed by the platform via our http REST interface. All objects you’ll exchange with the SmileBridge Cloud Server will be in JSON format, while unstructured objects (photos, for example) will be sent in their original binary format, compressed with the GZip algorithm. That’s all.

Please read our Development Guidelines documentation, and start adding value to your solutions.




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smilebridge, developers
SmileBridge Logo
smilebridge, developers